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Inspire Builders. Case Studies.

Case Study 1: House Price Reduction

Adam and Amy had seen a family home for sale that they really liked, but it was over budget and needed a lot of work. They came to Inspire and together we planned and costed the work required so that they were able to use this figure to negotiate a large reduction on the house price. The sale was agreed, and Inspire began work as soon as the family took possession. The property was transformed with a spacious bespoke kitchen/dining room, created by the removal of a large chimney breast that took up space from the roof to the ground floor.

Case Study 2: The Barn

I was approached by the owner of a company in Watford to look at a disused warehouse that was previously owned by Watford Palace Theatre for costume storage. Work had already started on the renovation project and the owners were hoping to have the entire job completed in six weeks. Initially I was asked to plaster the building but on visiting the site it became clear that there was a lot of work to be done before plastering was possible and there were not enough tradesmen on site to finish the job within the desired time frame. I advised the client of this and they hired Inspire to project manage the rest of the work alongside one of the company Directors. A team was brought in and the other contractors were fully successfully managed to allow for completion just over the desired six weeks. The warehouse (now called the Barn) is a fantastic space for the community with a large open space for group meetings or dance groups, four offices, four meetings room and a large staff room with a vaulted ceiling. The client was so pleased with the results achieved by Inspire that they have contacted us to undertake several more large scale projects.

Case Study 3: Kitchen

Zoe had found her ideal kitchen at 50 per cent off after undertaking some research in a number of DIY stores. She contacted Inspire to get a quote for fitting the kitchen and the additional necessary work such as tiling and electric sockets. What she hadn't realised was that through my trade contacts I was able to supply and fit the same kitchen for less than the DIY store would charge just for the materials - a saving of over £4000. With this incredible saving Zoe was able to add extras to her dream kitchen that she had never thought possible such as under floor heating.

Case Study 4: Discontinued Carpet.

Inspire's brief was to renovate an office floor to an open plan space and to match it in style and decor to another area of the business. The three month project included removing all internal walls, doing a full re-wire, fitting new heating and windows, and sound-proofing the walls and floor. As part of the work we needed to locate new carpet to match the existing carpet in the building. The previous supplier told us that particular carpet had been discontinued and was impossible to get as it was such a unique (gold) colour. Undeterred I spoke to a number of contacts and suppliers until we had exhausted all avenues and were running out of hope. Just as we were sourcing an alternative, one of my contacts called to say the supplier had agreed to manufacture the same carpet for us as a one-off. This was fantastic news and our determination to track down the product means the whole office space is now fitted in one colour, despite being renovated a year apart.

N.B: Whilst details of projects are factual, names have been changed

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